Compleately compostable waste bag

ecovio® is compostable polymer with biobased content


 ecovio bags - proved thousands of times across the planet

 BASF has tested the use and composting of ecovio bags in various conditions in composting projects all over the world. The results show that the bag material biodegrades without any problems in different industrial composting sites, without adversely affecting the quality of the compost. When asked residents of respective regions also report positively on the clean and hygienic collection of organic waste.


Our professional composting machines JK5100
and Biocontainer work perfectly with
ecovio waste bags.

Choosing ecovio waste bags
will keep your kitchen and waste bin
always clean.

Ecovio waste bags:

• Do not leak
• Do not allow bad smell

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Biodegadation of compostable film
BBags Ramka

in the 1 week...   ... in the 2 week ...     ... and in the 4 week

 Thanks to special chemical structure, ecovio can be degraded by microorganisms and their enzymes. In the condition of industrial composting plant or professional composting machine
• High temperature
• High moisture
• Defined oxygen content
 biodegradation only takes a few weeks.

ecovio® bag filled with organic waste

BBags Degrade

In 4 weeks compleate biodegradation to:

• Water
• CO2
• Biomass


ecovio® bag tested and certified

 The compostability of ecovio has been certified by recognized and independent test institutes

 Independent institutes test bioplasitics in special certification procedures with respect to complete biodegradability, compostability, compost quality and plant compatibility.

 Ecovio offers various product grades that conform to the following international standards and norms for composting among others:

BBags Standarts

European standard
Australian standard
AS 4736
American standard
ASTM 6400
Japanese standard
European standard
EN 13432
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