Station Composta is designed for urban areas, where inhabitants live in apartment buildings; it is a special place for composting and efficient collection and division of recycling materials used by 100 families.

It is a little 1 floor house having only 1 room.

An electricity, clean water pipe and sewage are available.

The door is always locked, equipped with a security and alarm systems. As “Composta” shall be used only by limited number of people, pass code for its door is known only by them.

Why “Composta”

We believe that everyone is responsible for his own waste, so he alone has to take care of it. Nowadays 94% of Bulgarian waste is sent to a landfill. We may change this situation and throwing family waste to become a pleasant activity.

  1. About 40% of waste in urban territories is bio- waste, so professional composting machine JK 5100 can treat it on site, where bio- waste is generated and within 1 month to produce compost.
  2. When a bio- waste is treated on site, waste stream sent to landfill reduces considerably
  3. About 40% of waste in urban territories is recyclable. Different kind of waste as paper, plastic, metal, glass, rubber, letter, old clothes and shoes shall be collected in different containers, which will lead to their efficient recycling.
  4. About 20% of waste is so called ‘common waste’. It consists of cigarette butts, dust, ash, etc. Only this kind of waste shall be sent to a landfill.

Equipment of “Composta"

“Composta” provides a new and easy way of treating, collecting and dividing of human waste. In station “Composta” there are installed following devices and equipment:

  1. Composting machine JK 5100, accepting 50 kg organic waste per day
  2. Containers (360 liters each) in green color – for paper – 4 numbers
  3. Containers (360 liters each) in blue color – for dark glass – 4 numbers
  4. Containers (360 liters each) in blue color – for white glass – 4 numbers
  5. Containers (360 liters each) in yellow color – for plastic – 4 numbers
  6. Containers (360 liters each) in red color – for beer and coca cola cans – 4 numbers
  7. Containers (360 liters each) in brown color – for compost – 4 numbers
  8. Container 360 liters for old cloths
  9. Container 360 liters for old shoes
  10. Container for used kitchen sunflower and olive oil
  11. Shelves for compostable bags
  12. Washing stand


  • When you have a station “Composta” near your apartment, throwing family waste will not be unpleasant any more.
  • Dirty waste containers on the street in front of your home will disappear.
  • Put in your kitchen a special kitchen plastic box with compostable bag in it. Collect there all you kitchen waste and just bring it to “Composta” station.
  • Only once a month different trucks come to station “Composta” and take plastic, paper, glass, etc… because now all materials are efficiently divided and all of them will take their way to recycling facilities.
  • Only 20% of your waste may be sent to a landfill.
  • You and your neighbors have produced your own compost for flowerbeds or pots. is owned and operated by Composta EOOD - Sofia,  Bulgaria