Specification - JK5100

Outer Dimensions
295x117cmx150cm (LxWxH)

Power Connection
3-phase connection 16A

Power Consumption
900kw per year

850 kg (1870 lb)

Built-in fan

Up to 700 l (185 gal) per week with a density of
0,5 kg (1.1 lb) per litre

Frostproof room

Mainly stainless steel

1 - Hatch for loading
2 - Thermal Container
3 - Compost ripening container
4 - Hatch for Finished Compost
5 - Store for Wood Pellets
6 - Flue Pipe


How The JK5100 Works

Firstly, the bio-waste is loaded into feeding sector (1), where it is cut into small pieces and mixed with wood pellets. For safety reasons when the loading hatch is opened the cutting motor is blocked. Wooden pallets come from the store (5) and automatically are mixed with the input material in sector (1).

he JK5100 moves the input material from sector (1) to its first Thermo-chamber (2). The temperature here rises to 70C due to the natural composting process, which kills off all possible pathogens. The high temperature here guarantees hygienic output material, called “compost“. While new material of 50 kg per day enters from sector (1), the JK5100 mixes and aerates the entire quantity of bio-waste in the first chamber within 2 weeks. After this, the JK5100 moves the material to the second chamber (3). The so called "Maturation" chamber.

The Maturation chamber ensures that the processed material will not be mixed with newly added input material, and will smoothly mature within next 2 weeks. During this time the JK5100 will continue working, accepting 50 kg of bio-waste per day, keeping it in the Thermo-chamber.

After 4 weeks the JK5100 produces compost; the best, natural soil improver. The finished compost is emptied from the hatch (4). When the compost is needed for fertilizing, it should be mixed 1 liter of compost with 5 liters of soil, as the compost is too rich.

In conclusion, the JK5100 will transform 1.5 tons of bio-waste into 150 kg of finished compost in 1 month. This effective, intelligent and silent machine will never produce a bad smell. Unpleasant odours mean a bad composting process. The JK 5100 automatically adds the needed wooden pellets to the input material and eliminates odour.

The Thermal Container of the JK5100    Finished Compost Produced by the JK5100 is owned and operated by Composta EOOD - Sofia,  Bulgaria