Compostable Materials

• Kitchen Waste including meat and fish
• Garden Waste
• Cow and horse Manure

Specification - Biocontainer

Outer Dimensions

5 860 х 2 100 х 2 110 (mm) (L х Wх H )

Power Connection

3 – phase, 32А


approximately when is empty 4 100 kg


Built-in fan


Up to 2800-4200 l/week with a density of 0,5 kg/liter

Max height when opening top hatches

2 855 mm


Chambers inside stainless steel,
isolated with polystyrene,
outside steel epoxy coated.

How The Biocontainer Works

 Waste is inserted into the first chamber where it is aerated and mixed with the incoming fresh waste by the JORAFORM proven mixing technique. After 10-14 days the mixing arms passes the material into the second chamber to isolate it from fresh waste in order to complete the ripening process. The ripening chamber is equipped with an independent mixing system which is also used for smooth emptying of the ripening chamber after additional 14 days. After this 28 days cycle the waste is fully converted to compost and no after composting is necessary.

 The new JORAFORM BIOCONTAINER is designed with two well isolated parallel rows of a composting room and a ripening room, this given this equipment a superior capacity in relation to its compact design.
The loading can be done from the side or from the top whichever is the most suitable for the user.
It contains new developed control system which monitors the temperature and filling levels in the
chambers in order to as efficient as possible turn your waste into well balanced compost. The programming is easily done in your language of choice and parameters can be set to optimize the composing process in relation to the waste stream.

 The JORAFORM BIOCONTAINER also has a built in system for completely reuse of the leachate water which means that there is no need for any extra systems this.



The Biocontainer is designed to process
Organic waste with a capasity of
6 до 9 tons per month or
72 до 108 tons per year.


Additional equipment

 The JORAFORM BIOCONTAINER can be equipped with a variation of addition equipment for loading, pellet adding and shredding the waste. Below is our portable unit for loading and pellet dosing.

BioContainer3 is owned and operated by Composta EOOD - Sofia,  Bulgaria