We believe that garbage is the responsibilty of the one who creates it.

Garbage which is taken from our home has not disappeared - It is deposited into landfill.

Landfill poisons the land, the ground water and the air that we breathe.

It is now time to stop disposing on land and think about the generations that come after us. 

What will their legacy will be?

Successful composting can reduce our garbage by 40% without any harm to Mother Earth.

and produce the best fertilizer for our land.

Composting embodies our love and respect for Mother Earth.

She continues to give us food day by day.....It is high time to show her our respect and admiration

and teach our children the same.

It is time to take care of our own garbage - Here and Now.


Our motto is: "I do not send my waste to Bulgarian landfill, because I do not want!"

We kindly invite you to join us!

Yours sincerely:

Composting Queen

  Since start of our activities on 01.04.2013

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